I am Felix E. Linker, a PhD student in the Information Security group at ETH Zurich.

Research Interests

I focus on protocol analysis and design using formal methods. As part of the Centre for Cyber Trust, I strive to bring stronger security guarantees to people in their everyday life. To assure that those are guarantees, I back my claims by formal methods and improve the tools whenever I hit a limit.

Recently, I have been working on a digital emblem for humanitarian services in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). I worked on authentically marking such services so that they do not become accidental targets in times of war. You can find more details about this project here. As part of this work, I came across the problem of verifying recursively defined models in the protocol verification tool tamarin, which I am working to improve right now.

Find more details about my research in my dissertation’s research plan here.

Professional Experience

When Where What
2020- Information Security Group, ETH Zurich Scientific Assistant
2019-2020 Chair for Intelligent Systems, Leipzig University Research Assistant/Scientific Staff
2018 Security Research Arm Ltd, Cambridge, UK Intern
2016-2018 cookionista, Nuremberg Programmer
2016 AKSW, Leipzig University Student Assistant Programmer


When Where What
2020- ETH Zurich PhD Student
2017-2020 Leipzig University M.Sc. Computer Science
2014-2019 Leipzig University B.A. Philosophy
2014-2017 Leipzig University B.Sc. Computer Science
2001-2014 Altes Gymnasium Flensburg A Level